Proud to be a woman

owned business!

Part Design

2D & 3D capabilities

We have over 40 years of part and mold design history under our belts and we bring that efficiency and expertise to each and every project.  We have always worked to bring the latest technology to the front half of each program that comes through the building.  If the design isn't correct, the rest of the project is already doomed.


Additive machining

3D printing

We currently have one 3D printing machine that has a build volume of 10.0" X 10.0" X 8.0" and is capable of printing both PLA and ABS plastics.  This relatively new form of manufacturing is constantly changing and getting better weekly.  Our customers are amazed when they first hold their ideas in their hands.  Just a few years ago, they would wait for a mold to be built (usually 4-8 weeks after design approval) and now that turnaround time is less than a week!  The best part about this new technology is that we can tweak the design or start with something fresh at this point and the client isn't out the cost of the tool.



For more complex geometry and finish requirements, TriPro has two types of EDM (electric discharge machining) equipment.  We can create a "negative" out of graphite or copper and then through the addition of an electric charge, burn that shape into the metal to create a variety of surface features that are not possible with a mill or other machine.  Our Wire EDM can hold tolerances of +/-0.0001" or better.


3D Contouring/Hard milling

We have experience with standard and hard milling a variety of material.  From Nylon subcomponents to 3D milling mold features in hardened tool steel, our machines can and will cut what you need to the tolerances required.

Every member of our team has started out in the manual side of our facility.  We feel that you need to walk before you can run and although we no longer have a full apprenticeship program, we still believe that you are a better machinist if you start with the basics and work your way up.  We have experience with standard and hard milling a variety of material.